How to Successfully Set Up HubSpot CRM (The Tech Smart Boss Way)
Over 3-hours of video and audio content delivered from an entrepreneur's experience using HubSpot CRM on a daily basis. Best practices, combined with step-by-step tactical execution so you can make the most of the Dashboard, Contacts, Companies, Tasks, Deals, Sales Tools, and most importantly, integration via Zapier (Coming Soon).
Welcome to How to Successfully Set Up HubSpot CRM. I'm David Ferguson, your instructor, and the person behind the brand Tech Smart Boss.
I've been using HubSpot technology since 2011. In fact, it wasn't even HubSpot back then, I was originally a user of Performable, which was an automated workflow product and HubSpot bought them. It worked out well for me, as they grandfathered me into their Enterprise Marketing product at a very good price!
When HubSpot CRM was in Beta, I was one of the original users for 6-months before it became available to non-HubSpot customers. And, even in Beta, it didn't take me long to switch from my existing CRM platform to HubSpot.
Since then, I've seen the product improve. They've increased their focus on the Sales Pro tools (which is one way they make money from the free CRM platform) and I've seen the expansion of integration methods via Zapier and with their Marketing platform.
In this course, I take you down the set up of HubSpot CRM from a business owner to business owner perspective. How to do it QUICKLY and how to set it up to blend into your existing sales process. I'll point out how my company uses the product with some real world use cases to hopefully give you some ideas.
You'll learn not only how to configure HubSpot CRM, but also get real-world tips on how to configure it to work with your business processes. We'll discuss our recommended best practices and integrations and how to ensure your sales team is on the same page with your desired business sales processes.
Each module in this class will cover a specific topic. We'll also point you to knowledge articles and videos from HubSpot, so you can take advantage of the free vendor-based training that they provide on HubSpot.
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David Ferguson

I’m a serial entrepreneur with a strong technical background. I started my first business at the age of 26, and by leveraging technology, was able to grow that to an 80 person, $8 million revenue services business. I’m currently the CEO of 5000fish (, the company behind the amazing business intelligence platform, Yurbi ( And after helping many friends and family members set up a technology platform to drive their business, I thought I would share my passion for business growth and technology with others. I've been a daily user of HubSpot CRM since 2013 (Beta User). This course is designed to share the HubSpot CRM set up process that I use in my business, as well as the others that I have helped set up over the years, with other business owners and entrepreneurs, so you can leverage technology to help grow your business.

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