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How to Successfully Set Up HubSpot CRM (The Tech Smart Boss Way)
Getting Started
Signing Up and Overview

Migrate Existing Data
Importing Contacts
Importing Contacts w/ Custom Properties
Importing Companies w/ Custom Properties
Importing Deals

Configure To Your Business Process
Creating Custom Properties
Configuring Default Property Widgets
Setting up Team Views
Settings Overview
Configure Deal Stages (Coming Soon)

Configure Integrations
Integration Overview (Coming Soon)
Integrations with Zapier (Coming Soon)

Invite Your Sales Team
Adding Your Sales Team

Start To Use
Email Setup and Usage
Getting Started with Tasks
Task Queues
Dashboard Setup
Creating Deals (Coming Soon)

Explore Sales Pro Tools
Notifications (Coming Soon)
Templates (Coming Soon)
Documents (Coming Soon)
Messages (Coming Soon)
Meetings (Coming Soon)

Bonus Material
(Podcast) 5 Essential Features You Must Have In Your Small Business CRM
Custom Property Use Case with Zapier (Coming Soon)
Importing and Syncing with PieSync (Coming Soon)

Importing Contacts w/ Custom Properties

In the last module, we covered the basics of importing.  In this module, we go over how to go beyond the basics and create custom properties during the import process so that you can import data related to your customer records that you don't want to lose during your CRM migration.

Examples include things like:

  • Special Dates like anniversary, birthdays, etc
  • Products or Services Owned
  • Conversion Dates
  • Internal Customer IDs
  • Sales Team Account Owners

In this module, we will walk through the import process with Custom Properties, but this is also the process you can use to do Mass Updates of records.  Make sure you save all your import spreadsheets because if you needed to do a bulk correction, or add an extra data field to a set of users, you can edit the spreadsheet and reimport it to update the records (it won't create duplicates).



Reference Links

You can also create your Custom Properties ahead of time.  We cover how to do that in this module - http://learn.techsmartboss.com/cr/view/lesson/setting-up-hubspot-crm-for-your-business/creating-custom-properties